Our Story

Golden Brown, a Saudi brand established in 2005, is known for its delicious quality baked goods that are available everywhere. It is the first brownie cookie company that everyone loves in all parts of the Kingdom and the Gulf countries, and we aim from the products it currently offers to consolidate our superior position in the market and maintain this leadership. Brownie cookies are the products in the pioneer; it leads the local products in selling, the popularity and the exclusivity. It is also available at 640 points of sale throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Cooperation Council countries. We offer premium Saudi products that are rich in flavors. We currently cover the Gulf market, as we always strive to reach the world and spread to 11 countries during the year 2021 in the strongest supermarket chain (America, Canada, Britain, Germany, India, Algeria, Morocco, Iraq, Egypt, Turkey, Jordan) to achieve by that one of Our main long-term goals.

It is noteworthy that the expansion of our sales exceeded the limits, if we reached an unprecedented level of sales after the introduction of the very popular brownie cookies product.

Today we sell more than 800,000 pieces of cookies every day.

In addition to that, we strive to maintain a high marketing budget that focuses on e-marketing, cooperation with influencers in social media, and marketing on applications.

Our Factory


We run our factories based on the goal of delivering our cookies and spreading them to the largest number in the world. We have all the required certificates and we continue to invest in the newest equipment in order to ensure effectiveness and quality. Our production wheel is working continuously, as the current production capacity reaches one million pieces of cookies per day, and today we are ready to produce twice this amount to expand our range and thus our presence, especially with the presence of 45 employees in the main offices, and with two factories operating and 300 employees and a wide production capacity, we may reach our goal. Launched in 2015, we decided to venture and expand our business and this is how our story began: the idea of combining two of the world’s most delicious and popular sweets into one product – brownie cookies. It looked as if a bright star had been born, and it was as if we, too, in Golden Brown had been reborn. We achieved record sales in a remarkable time, which led to the opening of a new factory in 2017 with the aim of achieving faster, wider and more effective production, and today the cookies that we manufacture began their tour around the world in the neighboring Gulf Cooperation Council countries, hoping to reach the world.

Factory Panorama

The Quality Department maintains the consistency of product quality so that the customer has the same enjoyable experience every time they eat the product. The Quality Department trains employees at points of sale and transportation companies on quality standards to ensure that the product reaches the highest specifications to the customer. The Quality Department periodically inspects all points of sale in the Kingdom and the Gulf to ensure compliance and application of all points of sale to quality standards. The Quality Department continues to obtain the best and most important certificates in accordance with international standards and conditions, as well as ensuring that our suppliers have the same certificates.



Target Market

Millennial Females (24-40)

Generation Z (up to 23)

Our Contribution

The production of the first brownie cookies is exclusive and delicious, with a distinctive taste.

Our Advantage

The combination of cookies and brownies makes our products available everywhere, easy to obtain and garners great attention from others.

The Direction of Creation

We use the most relevant influencers with good credibility and good presentation, depict product usage throughout the year on multiple occasions and explain product consumption method in three simple steps (unfreeze, heat up, enjoy!)

Unique Positioning

  • We have created a new recipe that transforms the classic base ingredients into a unique blend of brownies and biscuits soft and moist on the inside with a slight crispness on the edges with many flavors.
  • Through three simple steps (defrost, reheat, enjoy!), We succeeded in providing a delicious experience to our customers.

Presence on the Internet

  • Website.
  • Digital Marketing (Media Planning and Purchasing).
  • Social Media Platforms.
  • Search Engine Optimization.
  • Purchasing Power.
  • Video / Graphics Marketing.

Golden Brown International’s Distribution Marketing Group Contains Four Areas

Golden Brown’s Approach to Setting Off in Different Geographical Areas


  • Determining the appropriate and influential marketing mix for each geographical region.
  • Identifying influential influencers and celebrities.
  • Create a new trend based on marketing dynamics.
  • Concentrated commercial support, along with robust in-store marketing.

Our Strength

Golden Brown cookies are characterized by a combination of two classic brownie cookies in an innovative way, as it is characterized as a frozen product, free of preservatives and a product life that exceeds one year. And when heated, it preserves its deliciousness and tenderness. Golden Brown brings you happiness and joy in every bite, helps you share your feelings, improves your mood and is present at all occasions and times. Its ease lies in (defrosting, heating, enjoyment). Several customers also confirmed that one piece of cookies is not enough and that it is difficult to resist.

Prince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz St.
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
+966 9200 33889 ext.300


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