A Box Of Goodness


A recipe that is just perfect and could not have been more right. It is a faultless cookie brownie that is soft and gooey from the inside with a slight crisp on the edges, slightly smaller in size than the regular cookie and somewhat lighter, yet fluffy and chocoloat-y. Once reheated, the product melts in your mouth with a burst of flavors. One piece will not be enough and it has been confirmed by our countless customers’ reviews that the temptation to not stop eating it is far stronger than resistance. 


We offer Saudi manufacture distinguished products that are full of flavor. Currently, we cover the GCC and are constantly looking to expand with the aim of achieving a presence worldwide as one of our main long term initiatives. Our rapid sales expansion has been unlimited; we have reached an unexpected peak with the introduction of our popular brownie cookies; we sell slightly above 800,000 cookies a day today. In addition, we aim to maintain a high marketing budget that focuses on, but is not limited to, working with the most renown digital influencers in the region.


You can be a distributor in your area and join our +500 distributors network around GCC area. Click the below button and fill up the application for evaluation.

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