The Beginning Of A Great History


Founded in 2005, Golden Brown is a Saudi brand that provides quality, accessible, and enjoyable baked goods. It is the market’s sole producer of the nation’s favorite brownie cookies. Our current product offerings aim to establish and maintain superiority in the market. The brownie cookies are our champion product in which leads the local category in product innovation, popularity and exclusivity. It is currently present in 500 vendors across Saudi Arabia & the GCC.

Our Factory


We run our factories on the basis of a clear vision to roam the world with our cookies. We currently hold all sorts of certificates and are constantly investing in new equipment to capture efficiency. Our production runs as continuously as possible with the current capacity of up to 20,000 boxes per day, which sums up to 800,000 cookies a day. With 60 employees in our head offices, two factories up and running, 180 employees, and a wide production capacity, we are geared towards widening our scales hence our presence in the region



boxes per day

employees in our head office

two factories up and running

Factory Panorama

Our Marketing Strategy


We have merged from a humble beginning with a big dream to consistent hard work and determination. Our solid marketing plan is unique in a sense that it is strongly focused on striking partnerships with some of the most popular digital Influencers in the region, many of whom have truly believed and praised our products with an honest opinion without us asking for it. We like to follow a strategy that heavily relies on the acquisition of celebrities’ endorsements, and utilize them to seize new markets in new countries. On endorsement days, our product was viewed by almost 15 Million individuals on social media. This goes to demonstrate our allocated monthly marketing spending in which reaches up to 4 Million Riyals per month.

4 Million SAR


15 Million
Individuals on social media

Committed to establishing a world-wide presence for everyone to enjoy a bite of our products

To become the most loved bakery

Driving excellence one baked good at a time



We have aimed high and reached the stars. The challenge was there, the road was long, but the taste of success drives us to wish for more, do more, and reach further day by day

Since our inception in 2005, we have cherished our ingredients and recipes. We do not change them nor do we ever plan to do so irrespective of any economic or price changes because we always place our customers’ first

Our organization does not operate on a monarchical basis; it is more of a non-layered organization. Our employees are equally hands on, our head offices have direct relationships with our employees, and our CEO enjoys being involved with all aspects of our business

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